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Ashu Pal is a founder & CEO of Netcogs eBusiness Solutions. He's from an IT background and have in hand experience of 8 yrs in web technologies, graphic designing, branding & digital marketing. He is very much interested in Indian startup ecosystem & likes to help startups with their eBusiness requirements. He love WordPress & coffee. // You can connect with him on Linkedin & Twitter //

Advantage Of Raising Crowdfunding For Startups

About Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding as the name suggests is the pooling of resources (small amount) from multiple investors for a common goal. It is one of the most social categories of alternative financing, which has emerged outside of the traditional financial system. The crowdfunding awareness level across the globe has increased significantly over the recent years. By […]

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How Social Media Is Changing The Game For B2B In 2016

In businesses, Social Media is one of the most effective resources to promote brands & market products. It is commonly used for crowdsourcing. Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing, which is used to increase brand exposure & to reach the target audience. In B2B marketing, social media is used to interact with […]

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Empowering Entrepreneurs With Our Gear Box Series

Starting this month on-wards we are introducing our new Gear Box Series where we will be helping SMB’s, Startups, Groups & Individuals in getting most of the online businesses. In our Gear Box Series we will help our new breed of entrepreneurs in knowing how they can effectively manage their online business with various eBiz tools present in the market. We will also be covering various available online marketing platforms & discuss what will you need to do in 2015 to make your eBusiness flourish & get the most out of it in terms of leads, prospects, followers, branding, profits etc. so stay tuned…

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Ten Facts About WordPress

10 Crazy Facts About WordPress CMS

WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP & MYSQL platform. Basically assume WordPress as a framework upon which websites could be build & launch, its code development started back in year 2003 with few handful of software engineers out of passion, who needed state of the art and well architect web publishing platform. It’s later complied in to system files containing thousands lines of codes that can be installed as a script on any web hosting server. Now here’s the 10 crazy facts:

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Plan a Website That Suits Your Needs Best – Understanding Website Types

You must already have created a hazy plan regarding your website logo designs, page contents, page designs, photos, launch date, ideas incubating relentlessly into your mind day & night. Perhaps you are ready to kick off your plan by hiring technical experts for your assistance but are you clear on all the prerequisites that are needed before launching a website? Well if you do then it is wonderful that you have a clear vision regarding your website. Just in case if you feel clueless, let us shed some light over here.

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How to Relate Data & My Business – Analyze And Outgrow Your Competition

Business don’t run on assumptions. There is some fundamental groundwork that each and every one should do to stay up ahead in the market, especially in ebusiness. Your business is your passion and you’ve worked hard and given everything to bring it to what it is today. Companies of all sizes constantly need to query and aggregate their large amounts of data to make fast decisions. To stay ahead in the game of beating & running your competition out you need to know what data …

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