How Social Media Is Changing The Game For B2B In 2016

How Social Media Is Changing The Game For B2B In 2016

In businesses, Social Media is one of the most effective resources to promote brands & market products. It is commonly used for crowdsourcing. Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing, which is used to increase brand exposure & to reach the target audience.

In B2B marketing, social media is used to interact with your customers regularly & foster the new businesses. To acquire & retain customers, social media holds tremendous potential for B2B businesses.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Businesses:

Social media helps B2B businesses in tough markets. There are many benefits for B2B businesses to remain active on social media sites, such as:

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Increased Traffic
  • Developed Brand Loyalty
  • Provided Market Place
  • Build Brand Equity
  • Better Search Engine Rankings
  • Improved Sales
  • Decreased Marketing Costs
  • Identify Target Audience
  • Track Your Result
  • Repeat Customers
  • New Opportunities

Social Media Networks:

To promote your products/services online social media networks are effective resources for all sizes businesses. There are a number of social media sites which are most cost effective platform to advertise your product & to interact with your customers.

Top social media sites are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

  • Facebook is the most popular social media network on the web. It is a great medium for connecting people from all over the world with your businesses. With over 1.55 billion monthly active users are interacting & engaging on Facebook.
  • Instagram was the big winner of 2015. Unlike other social networks, Instagram has reached 400m users in five years’ existence.

Social Media Marketing Spend:

Advertisers worldwide spend a huge amount on paid media to reach customers on social networks. Facebook is dominating the paid social advertising platform globally.

More than a third of CMO’s say that within the next 5 years marketing will account for 75% or more of their spending. With a 16% increase in spending, digital advertising was the fastest growing category in 2014.

In 2015, 51% of B2B marketers used paid media as part of their marketing strategy. In the next 12 months, B2B marketers will spend 16% of their marketing budget on paid media.

Why Content Marketing?

  • Corporations are more likely to pay for quality content than advertising.
  • Among all the social media sites, YouTube is the most highly engaged website. YouTube is the largest video content provider around the world. According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 66% of social media marketers plan to increase their YouTube marketing in the near future.
  • On the other hand, Infographics are great for visual appeal. Infographics are effective marketing tools to build brand recognition & users are 30 times more likely to read infographics than any text. Through the use of bright colours Infographics attract users.
  • The use of images can help to capture the audience’s attention. Having at least one image in any blog post results in increasing Facebook & Twitter shares.

Key Challenges For Social Media Marketers:

  • Creating a social media marketing (SMM) strategy right is the biggest challenge today. To show the impact of social media on their businesses has also become a challenge among the marketers in tough markets.
  • Other challenges are the authentic relationship with your audience, consistently posting a quality content, original graphics etc.
  • Brand awareness, website traffic & audience reach are the most common goals of social media marketing.

Marketers can overcome the social media marketing challenges. When social media marketing done right, it can lead to more customers, more traffic & more conversions. Netcogs Initiative In Setting Up Directory Portal For Greater Noida Netcogs Initiative In Setting Up Directory Portal For Greater Noida

It’s s finally done, our long-awaited project is now online. Although the idea was to launch this portal head back to the year 2009, due to some hiccups, funds, workload & yes off-course some ignoring from our end, it was delayed up until now. But not anymore, here we are and glad to share some details with you.

What Is It All About? is a unique web portal that will incorporate most of the features any city would need, not to mention the elegant design and a consistent branding look n feel. All the business listings published on are exclusive to the city Greater Noida & presented in such a way that it will be easy for anyone to search any business listing placed under different categories.

Every business listing have its own linked business page that would help them showcase their business logo, business description, business image, address, contact numbers, email, business timings, Google map location, Total/Daily visitors counts onto their page and last but not the least some social media sharing buttons so that their listing will be shared on respective social media’s for business promotion.

The portal also has a single & multiple review system and a comment box so that anyone who enjoyed your services can provide some valuable feedbacks right on to your business page, you can also ask them to comment by providing a link to your page.

It has some advanced search features for various categories like Alphabetical search, search by Title, by Publish date, Reviews & by Ratings.

More Features

Along with Business Listing publishing, we are incorporating other features like:

These above sections are still under testing & all will be operational at the end of Dec 2015.

Why? This

We always wanted to start some project for our local community, but apart from going as a global entity we focus a lot on local activities, hyperlocal is a term for that. We believe every city have more stories to tell & lots of them are scattered here n there, we tend to gather all of them, store them and present them through our portal along with solving community problems and promoting local businesses.


Why? Greater Noida

Greater Noida has come so far in last decade providing world class infrastructure, development, and facilities. It’s also been in news for so many reasons like India’s first only F1 racing track, world class expo mart, real estate developments, airport planning, western and eastern import-export freight corridors, Metro project, big investors, latest city installments, a educational hub and some amazing roads which definitely separate it from other cities. It’s also been following a tremendous growth rate in terms of population, creating many job opportunities, hosting some grand events and in residential-commercial development projects. There is no reason that this city won’t need a good website of its own.


Future Plans

There’s still a long way to go, but honestly, we are working hard to make a no.1 Greater Noida city search portal for catering any amount of search queries. We vision to achieve best city promoters rank & as data aggregators for all kinds of Businesses, News, Jobs, Events, Properties, Classifieds and Forum Discussions. We will plan to add some valuable features to this portal in near future such as:

  • Mobile App – Android & iOs
  • Direct Selling Features
  • Book Appointments
  • Local Delivery
  • Tenant Verifications

& some more.

How to Relate Data & My Business – Analyze And Outgrow Your Competition

How to Relate Data & My Business – Analyze And Outgrow Your Competition

“Data is Everything” – if you ever ask this question to an IT consultant that’s the answer you will get from em even before profoundly looking into the nitty-gritty’s of your business. Why? because an IT Analysts know we are all surrounded by data. Believe it or not, we eat, drink & sleep data too. How? …you can understand this by following daily simple facts of a life schedule, for example – “I had two sandwiches in breakfast today, then I finished the tons of work with my 5 cups of coffee which kept me energized all day long, finally I slept for 14 hours straight”.

So, the “two”, “5” & “14” are data here, associated with food, drink & sleep tasks hence every person, thing or task in one way or another is associated with data. Data is all about numbers and information so imprint this in your mind – “Numbers are good for my business”. Let’s see what data can actually do for your business & how one could reap the benefits from it.

Your business is your passion and you’ve worked hard and given everything to bring it to what it is today. But we know that sooner or later we would not only need to sustain it but expand our boundaries as well. Like if you are a freelancer, you may have started landing work via word of mouth, references or by using advertising methods similar to what everyone in the same field of work is using. You know you are capable and hardworking but at times your may not be getting any new prospects for your business or even if you are getting leads, they may not be converting anymore. You need to understand whether your business is turning over or not, whether your numbers [profit, clients, employees, resources] are increasing, if not then you may have to look deeply into the numbers.

Don’t worry, data to the rescue. Data will not only help you analyze but will also help you in decision making and forecasting.

In business world, business doesn’t run on assumptions. There is some fundamental groundwork that each and everyone should do to stay up ahead in the market.

Companies of all sizes constantly need to query and aggregate their large amounts of data to make fast decisions. Businessmen around the globe, strive to collect various kinds of data & utilize it in many different ways. Day by day the market competition is going up, there is an increase in numbers of startups entering the market but many closing up early every year, much old business crunching & saving up more numbers to do better business (this is Big Data Wave).

Let’s discuss what kind of basic data you should collect to analyze, get ahead of the game by beating competition and running your business smoothly, read below:


Trend Data or BI (Business Intelligence) Data – Whitepapers

This is the most basic & prime question you should ask yourself – What trend is going on in my area of expertise. Trends won’t last for long and keep on changing over time, therefore, understanding the trend data can help you in making crucial decisions to avoid or overcome those dead end points which every business entity faces once in a while. Try to explore the internet, read every day & if you find any Business Intelligence agency out there giving niche Q-Reports in your business segment definitely subscribe to their whitepapers if you can.

The key point to note here is not to go global or enlarge your tasks while gathering data – try to be specific and keep within the boundaries of your business target locations. You should go global only when your business demands it. Data gathering & analysis is a daunting task and too much data could be overwhelming to absorb and waste too much time if not handled properly. Start small but start smart.


Customer & Sales Data – New, Existing

If you are new to the game or just starting up, you might have only few customers at the start, but as you move forward, you grow with your customers. In fact, growing business is directly related to growing customers and if you are not growing customers you are not growing at all. It’s a good habit to keep track of your customers right from the day one you got your first customer. There are two kinds of data you have to care about when it comes to gathering customer data – one is existing customers & other is new customers.

A consolidated record of existing customers not only helps you in tracking your company’s previous sales performance but also in delivering quality after-sales service & generating more references from them with right follow-ups. Gathering new customer’s data is equally importance – it helps you in pitching your product to the new segment of people looking out for your services and in generating more leads which end up getting added to the existing customer database eventually.


Competition Data –

Aha! I can see the grin on your face because this is the part of business nobody wants to lose out on & your instinct is absolutely correct on this one. We all do competition analysis, some do casually & some do intensively. It’s always wise to keep track of your business competition.

Competition is good for any business (off-course in a healthy way). Gather data like how many sales your competitor does on average, what extra services your competitors are providing, how they are targeting their customers, their business selling & marketing strategies, technological advancements they are using, how they are managing their staff etc. If done correctly, it can push any business to its edge and outperform its rivals because getting the exquisite taste of winning your customers from your competition is the best any business can have.


In-house Reports & Case Studies –

Competition data is a wise choice but it’s equally wise to store what you learn from your customers & your own mistakes. Try to create or search for case studies over the internet, try to be in touch with the people doing business in the same category as you do and learn from them, read and analyze in-house business performance reports & document how you benefiting your clients with your services. I have found that the intelligent businessmen learn from their mistakes, they keep data and track reports of what went wrong or proved right, which methods gave them performance results or where they lacked in giving desired results & finally what can be done to improve business performance.

Remember you cannot count on luck to hit the jackpot at first shot. In fact, there is no such thing as being lucky in business, either business people learn from their mistakes or they learn from others. Even on a small scale or at individual basis, you should start tracking this kind of data.

In our next blog I will be discussing what tools we can use to collect, manage, store & analyze above mentioned business data. Your comments are most welcome.