Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is #1 Cloud Platform For Sales, Service & Marketing. It is best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution framework picked up by 1,00,000+ customers. Almost 140,000 companies and 14,000 nonprofit organizations have already discovered the results can deliver. It is broken down into several broad service categories:


• Sales Cloud [link] • Service Cloud [link] • Data Cloud (including Jigsaw) [link] • Collaboration Cloud (including Chatter) [link] • Custom Cloud (including [link]


[heading]Benefits of Salesforce CRM[/heading]

Low Cost – Salesforce is a very low cost program. As a result, risk is also reduced and makes it the best management and organizational tool. A customer has to pay for what he wants. Moreover, there is no need for any sort of software or hardware installation. Everything in Salesforce is run on Cloud servers. As a result, it can be accessed online from an Internet connection. You do not have to spend anything on infrastructure and software installations. This also reduces your expense on maintenance.

Improved Organization – With Salesforce program, you can easily digitize and organize your company’s sales records. This leads to many different benefits. You are able to track current records accurately. Due to this, you can up-sell to customers and cross-sell to clients more effectively. You can even find new clients with the help of this program.

Improved Customer Service – With Salesforce, you can easily customize profiles of individual customers. Therefore, every client will have his own record and you will not have to group clients together. You will have access to individual customer records which can provide better knowledge about an individual’s needs and requirements. This way, your employees will be able to provide better customer service.

Advantage Over Competitors – Salesforce app also provides your organization a competitive advantage over rival companies. Your management can efficiently track trends in the market along with the sales of your competitors. By identifying important areas of growth, Salesforce app provides an advantage to the sales team in terms of getting to new potential customers first and securing a foothold in emerging markets.This way, you always have an upper hand over your competitors.

Evaluation – Salesforce app also provides valuable tools to supervisors and managers. With these tools, managers can monitor the efforts and sales of a sales team. Moreover, they can also monitor individual members of the team. Salesforce provides sales metrics that can help to determine what areas an individual seller needs to improve in order to be effective, and also gives managers an objective means of ranking sales team members for determining employee value.