10 Crazy Facts About WordPress CMS

Before we look into the facts & figures it’s better to understand what? a WordPress is. WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP & MYSQL platform. Basically assume WordPress as a framework upon which websites could be build & launch, its code development started back in the year 2003 with few handful of software engineers out of passion, who needed state of the art and well architect web publishing platform. It’s later compiled into system files containing thousands of lines of codes that can be installed as a script on any web hosting server. Its features include template structure & plugin architecture along with comments, widgets, language support etc.

Now here’s some crazy facts:

WordPress hold whopping 61% market share all over the world on websites running over CMS, Which is a 23.3% count of all top 10 million websites in the world.

There are 74.6 million (74,652,825) sites depend on WordPress & surprisingly that’s the total population of Turkey.

There are currently approx 231 numbers of famous & not so famous CMS/Website development platforms available in the market out of which WordPress is number one.

The keyword “WordPress” alone receive 450,000 searches per month on search engines & guess what, the combine WordPress-Related keyword search is close to 37 million every month.

There are 51 translations of WordPress available in the market.

WordPress is most popular among Business Vertical to launch their websites among other verticals such as Entertainment, News, Shopping, Social & Technology websites.

Considering the fact that an average of 120,000 domains is registered worldwide per day, for figure count alone in U.S out of every 100 domains 22 will run on WordPress.

WordPress have over 35000 plugins which are downloaded like 808,499,167 times worldwide and still counting, no kidding!

Did you know WordPress has it’s very own fan art page, you can check it out here

Did you know WordPress core developers share a love of jazz music, in fact, their every major release since v 1.0 is in honor of the jazz musician they personally admire?
Here’s the list below

WordPress Version Jazz Musician Release Date
1.0 Miles Davis January 3, 2004
1.2 Charles Mingus May 22, 2004
1.5 Billy Strayhorn February 17, 2005
2.0 Duke Ellington December 31, 2005
2.1 Ella Fitzgerald January 22, 2007
2.2 Stan Getz May 16, 2007
2.3 Dexter Gordon September 24, 2007
2.5 Michael Brecker March 29, 2008
2.6 McCoy Tyner July 15, 2008
2.7 John Coltrane December 10, 2008
2.8 Chet Baker June 11, 2009
2.9 Carmen McRae December 18, 2009
3.0 Thelonious Monk June 17, 2010
3.1 Django Reinhardt February 23, 2011
3.2 George Gershwin July 4, 2011
3.3 Sonny Stitt December 12, 2011
3.4 Grant Green June 13, 2012
3.5 Elvin Jones December 11, 2012
3.6 Oscar Peterson August 1, 2013
3.7 Count Basie October 24, 2013
3.8 Charlie Parker December 12, 2013
3.9 Jimmy Smith April 16, 2014
4.0 Benny Goodman September 4, 2014
4.1 Dinah Washington December 18, 2014

Now you know.


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