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Our studio currently been utilizing world highly appreciative CMS WordPress as a website platform/framework for solution. We provide customized web solutions and state of the art pixel perfect website designs.

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Some of the awesome benefits of having Netcogs as your web solution provider.


[heading]Strong Base Technologies[/heading]Our website solutions are totally dynamic & uses base technology PHP-MYSQL. Do you know world famous social sites facebook, twitter also runs on PHP-MYSQL. Dynamic websites gives many advantage over static websites in terms of scalability. That means all your webpages, content, images, functionality, design, etc. can expand any time, in short your website can grow, add databases, add e-commerce, product gallery anything later.
[heading]Responsive Design[/heading]Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your website adjust itself onto different devices your visitors opening them. Well forget clumsy & cumbersome website fixes for every different devices they will be opening upon, Cheer Up! your website get power packed with latest industry feature 960 Responsive Grid System which will make your website super cool flexible to open up on any device whether its a desktop, laptop, different mobile’s, different tablet’s.

[heading]SEO Friendly[/heading]Google love dynamic pages & proper website content structure. Our websites are built in such a way that it’s becomes easy for google bots to scan your website for indexing, in addition, each page, post, and image can have its own meta tag keywords, description, and title, and can be optimized for specific keywords, allowing for very precise search engine optimization. You can also use tags to further enhance your search engine optimization efforts.


[heading]Schedule Updates/Upgrades[/heading]Simple one time solutions are not our motto. Being a responsible team of IT professionals we totally update your system. We know IT is a fast paced market, underlying technologies evolve everyday, and so does yours. Our team constantly keep check of any upgrades in base technologies, frameworks, server configuration & update the system whenever necessary.we keep in check that your website will always be up to date making it fast to access, less vulnerable & tightly secured.
[heading]Full Back-Ups[/heading]A crashed or erroneous website do not look good in the eyes of your website visitors also losing data & broken links can badly affect your SEO rankings. We know it is difficult for website owners to take schedule backups as its not only tedious but also difficult as it requires deep knowledge with website structure & databases. Don’t worry, with our services forget the website crashes & data loss. We provide full backup service with every website package we sell, our weekly fail-safe scheduled backups we keep your websites safe.

[heading]Strong Tech Support[/heading]What good a properly designed system do? unless its not backed up with strong technical support. Our expert tech team not only good at coding & designing but we also good at tech consultation and client support. Although we ourselves keep check of proper functioning for the services we provided all year long (1 yr full maintenance included) which came with every package you choose with us, but still if you have any kind of query or support, we are gladly at your service.


[heading]CMS Ready[/heading] A good build website comes with a strong back-end CMS (Content Management System) to control its contents (like: images, articles, video’s, logo, website data etc.). We won’t assume our clients to be well aware of making changes in WordPress admin interface nor we think they will have enough time apart from running their own business, we do all the changes for you, but still, with WordPress you can control nearly every aspect of your website (in customized solution only) and can easily make those simple updates yourself if you want to.
[heading]Blog Ready[/heading]Blogging contributes towards bringing huge traffic to your website, people like good content & like to read good write-ups. Fortunately WordPress was started as a blogging platform & each WordPress installation comes with it. If you think blogging require more effort & team work, you are happy to know WordPress gives you a facility to add users & members to manage your blogs, like authors, guest bloggers & content writers anytime. So, enjoy blogging and lure the right in.

[heading]Social Media Ready[/heading]Yes, the world is going crazy with social media, we know that & today every business relies on them for marketing, branding, business/product promotion, lead generation etc. Your website comes with social media ready widgets, your social links & sharing tools so that it will grant the power to your website visitors to like you, network with you & share your contents to almost any social media of your choice.


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