What You Need to Know About Google AdWords’ Latest Tool

View and analyze your data instantly with the new Report Editor

A lot of us are visual learners, and by visualizing information you can notice trends that you generally wouldn’t have by just looking at the figures worked out.

Google understands this need, and is making it possible to rapidly visualize information from its AdWords web advertising service through a basic drag-and-drop tool that gives you a chance to explore your account information in brand new ways within your browser.

The Report Editor gives a simple to utilize interface that gives you a chance to construct custom tables and graphs that can be segmented, sorted, and filtered to help you discover insights that matter to your business.

Google Adword
Using Report Editor, you can:

  • explore information with simple drag and drop actions
  • sort, filter, and pivot your data to concentrate on the slices of information needed
  • visualize your information in pie, bar, or line diagrams to uncover powerful insights
  • apply multiple segmentation to dissect your data with better granularity

“Visualizing data in a chart can make your data more actionable,” reads Google’s official blog post about the tool. “Charts can quickly unveil performance trends that may be missed when looking at numbers alone. Now, you can instantly create a line, pie, or bar chart to surface your key insights.”

Report Editor will be taking off gradually through the span of the following couple of months, with Google saying you’ll know you have access to it “when you see the new Reports tab in your account.”

Check out the new Advanced Reporting guide for tips on monitoring actionable insights in your reporting and the AdWords Help Center for more details on how to use Report Editor.

As I’ve mentioned recently, expanding AdWords ROI (quantifiable profit) is to the greatest advantage of both advertisers utilizing the AdWords service and Google alike. Low ROI, or even trouble in measuring ROI, is a negative ordeal that could lead advertisers to quit spending their marketing budget with Google. What’s more, search advertising is, all things considered, still Google’s bread-winning business.

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As the Chief Marketing Officer at Netcogs, Deepak’s keen understanding of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and emerging trends empowers Netcogs to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. Deepak is instrumental in fostering robust relationships with clients, stakeholders, and industry partners, aligning business objectives with innovative global marketing solutions.

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