Why Your Business Needs Google Plus

Are you using Google plus as a social media to expand your online presence? If not, then this is a great time to start getting engage on G+ for maximum visibility on Google search. However, it has more than 1 billion registered users and 359 million active users. Who are these people? Many of them are media professionals, your partners, and your customers.

In 2011, just two weeks after the launch of Google+, it has about 10 million users. You would be surprised that in 2014, it has the third rank among the most popular social networks in the world. Google+ is not yet very crowded but has the power to capture your target audience. Being on Google+ now and using it as a social channel will help you to go a long way in the near future.

80% of internet users in India have Google+ accounts and about 40% are regularly active on it. According to the report of global/web index 2015, around 56% Google+ active users visit at least once a day and 78% visit at least weekly.

How Google+ will help you to promote your business in the future?

Why you should try Google+, while you are already using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as social media marketing tool?
What Google+ makes different from other social media sites?

Being a social network of Google, Google+ has SEO value which makes it different from other social sites. Google has 65-70% market share of search engines. Google needs data to make your search and social experiences as relevant as possible. Social and sharing activities on Google itself allow it to collect more information and more data about you and your network. Google will probably use all the available data on it to refine your search algorithm and provide better results to you.

Facebook status and Twitter updates have a limit to a certain number of available characters on it. On Google+, either you can post comments and updates shorter or you can post in more detail to interact online with your network. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it allows you to format the fonts in your post.

By using Google+ Hangout, you can line-up interviews, live webinars and communicate with your employees and business clients or whatever you can think of making video calls from across the world. It allows group video calls for up to 10 users at one time (15 users if you are a Google+ premium user). You can store hangouts in YouTube when you have done. Now, YouTube has become the second largest search engine.

Website with +1 button (similar to Facebook ‘like’ but quite different) gets over 5 billion hits per day. The +1 button is a way to share your posts (videos, photos or texts) and a solid source of information. Google +1 is more generic and can be used in more innovative ways.

G+ has recorded 33% growth rate per year. Google+ can’t be ignored by anyone who wants to get more exposure for his/her brand. If you are having Google+ presence, it will definitely help you to boost your SEO rankings. To engage with readers you need to post on your G+ page on a regular basis but make sure that your content should be valuable, relevant, compelling and SEO-friendly. This could affect your site’s organic search rankings.

Here Are Some Of The Top 5 Countries Represented On Google+:


Top Countries

Estimated Google+ Users

USA 31.49%
India 13.69%
Brazil 5.43%
UK 3.88%
Canada 2.46%
Others 43.05%


If you are from any of these countries, you should definitely start using Google+ as your business promotional tool that will probably directly impact on your SEO in the future. The updated design and innovative features of Google Plus enable you to build your personal brand.

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