Plan a Website That Suits Your Needs – Understanding Website Types

Pretty exciting huh!… finally planning to get your own website! Yes we know, several years into this business but the feeling still excites our every single nerve every time we build a new one for our clients.

You must already have created a hazy plan regarding the logo designs, page contents, page designs, photos, launch date… ideas incubating relentlessly into your mind day & night. You are ready to kick off your plan by hiring technical experts for your assistance but are you clear on all the prerequisites that are needed before launching a website? Well, if you do then it is wonderful that you have a clear vision regarding your website. Just in case if you feel clueless, let us shed some light over here.

The basic thing, that need to be considered before getting a website, is the purpose it suppose to serve – to you & to your website visitors. Website development requires resources, time, money, so it is imperative that you must give considerable amount of thought to your web business or web site or web application whatever you have chosen to call it or perhaps these are all different names & serve differently from each other. Really!

Any professional web development company can easily differentiate & categorize what they have to offer as a service. We think it’s wise to discuss what different types of websites exist and the criteria that separate them so that you feel confident about asking for the right type of services and will have a correct understanding that enable you to make the right decisions.


  1. VC Type Or Print Only -Visiting Cards (VC) type are the websites people consider for print purpose only. If you are wondering what in the world is a VC website because you may have never heard of it before, let us clarify. These are the website for people who bought a domain name for their business a time ago, but haven’t yet hosting a single page there, the reason being pretty funny – they like to use “” on their visiting cards, emails, print ads etc. even if they don’t host any content, so it’s basically a non-working address. In our terminology, these websites do exist and you cannot ignore them as long as the domain is on hold & not available for anyone to buy in the market. We however do not recommend this route for the sake of own credibility and first impression. Now onto our second one my friend.

  2. Landing Pages Or Mini Websites -You heard of landing pages, haven’t you! The landing pages are one-page website only or we prefer to call them mini websites (sweet! isn’t it). These websites mostly serve as a link to online campaigns but not limited to this only. They are used when you want to grab the attention of your visitors to your brief business highlights. If designed properly these single page websites summarize all the things like product features, a good sales pitch, concern images, specs video, contact form etc. The goal is to capture the client information from any running online campaign for lead generation purpose & getting prospects.

  3. Portfolio Websites -Portfolio websites are usually preferred by artists, writers, freelancers, public speakers, individual sellers & marketers etc. These websites serve to highlight individual skills, works, achievements, awards, fans, basically anything that have to do with one’s biography or bio-data. There’s a fine line between these Portfolio websites and a Service/Product website as both cater to showcasing of a service/product, but as long as more emphasis is given to individual personal advertising we prefer to call this kind of websites the “Portfolio websites”.

  4. Services Websites -As the name implies these are built for offering various kind of services of a company or an industry to their clients. In most cases their services could be onsite, offsite or website based like providing a subscription based SAAS model, these websites sole purpose is to sell & highlight the various services of an organization.

  5. Product Websites – We are totally impressed by your guess. Yes, you guessed right, our focused reader! So, these websites do showcase products but if you are wondering why we are not calling them eCommerce web site it’s because believe it or not these websites do only showcase products, nothing more nothing less. These are good for bulk dealers, traders, industries & manufacturers’ building products on a large scale and only do business with trading websites or direct selling.

  6. eCommerce Websites – We love eCommerce websites! After all, who doesn’t want to own a successful online business that’s simply awesome. eCommerce websites apart from showcasing products also sells them – these websites are packed with features like shopping cart, payment gateways, invoice generation, sales reports dashboard, inventory management, customer management, shipping APIs etc. These are obviously costlier to make as compared to above-mentioned websites & come close to resembling a Web Application.

  7. Web Portals -Portal websites act as a facilitator between a similar/dissimilar kind of business entities and their consumers. In simple words, different publisher, advertisers, agents post their business listings on to these kind of websites, where consumers looking for their services contact them on to these listings. These portals serves common purpose& if we are not wrong you must have heard or visited many types of portals like job portals, real estate portals, education portals, trade services portals etc. as a consumer. Portals are intricate to develop; developers first have to understand all the business and functional requirements then customize and provide the most optimized solution back to portal owners along with many other scenarios like admin interface, customer management, analytic dashboard etc.

  8. Enterprise Business Applications – The last but definitely not the least – web applications are far more advanced than above mentioned website types. They are monstrously powerful software application running on web servers& have vast consumer database. This kind of applications can crunch the numbers out of any system & generally require a larger team of software professional to build. More costly than any web service because it takes expert level of understanding of client needs, implementing them.

    These web application sometimes integrated with other applications to make them more powerful. These take more time to build, followed by regular tweaks, upgrades, and dedicated maintenance team. Since a simple responsive web design won’t do any good to web apps, most web applications do have their mobile app versions too & require extra money which makes them even more costlier, but when it comes to ROI on the money you put these are far more profitable from any of the other website type.

Now, it’s up to you to decide what solution are you looking for exactly, in case you haven’t made up your mind yet, consider your needs first. A web application or eCommerce website may look tempting but prioritize your purpose to launch a website and make sure it fits into your budget as well Or if you do plan for something big, don’t hesitate to consult the experts.

And if we forgot to mention – We are a team of web professionals who like to help people with their websites & online businesses. If you are reading this you might have an idea of a website you want to have someday! Perhaps if you would like to give us a chance then.

Ashu Pal

As a CEO, Ashu Pal stands as the visionary leader and driving force behind Netcogs Technologies, bringing forth a wealth of expertise as an entrepreneur. His insatiable curiosity leads him to explore and delve into emerging technologies, keeping Netcogs at the forefront of innovation. His dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements fosters an environment of continuous growth and evolution within the company.

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