Why isn’t my website generating more business?

Time and time again, the most obvious challenge that confronts new web entrepreneurs is an absence of web traffic. Clearly, if your site isn’t getting any action, you’re not getting any sales done. What’s more is that without this traffic, you can’t test the key parts of your sales process. Also, in the event that you roll out a huge traffic generation campaign before you’ve tried your site (to verify if it converts maximum guest visits into purchasers), you could lose deals by coming out as amateurish to potential business partners and affiliates.

So you’re stuck in an endless loop: Before sloping up a major campaign, you have to test your business process, however with no activity, testing is troublesome – if not impossible!

If you can relate to the same issue, this 5 step action plan will ensure:

  • Cheap, instant traffic to your website
  • Optimized Sales Process
  • More qualified potential buyers


  1. Test your website first!

There are a number of things you can test on your site to help you generate leads. From design, format to content, there are boundless combinations of changes that may enhance your conversion rate.

To begin with, stick to the essentials for you as of now have your hands full. Concentrate on testing your-

  • Salescopy, specifically the headline, benefits and call to action
  • Order process, which needs to be simple enough for a new web user to place an order
  • Opt-in offer, for you to determine if you’re capturing your visitors’ contact information successfully
  • Site navigation, to determine how many clicks it takes to buy.

Once you have ensured that the basic four elements are working to your satisfaction, once you’ve generated sales and have some steady traffic, you can move on to testing other parts of your site.

Now the question remains, where will this traffic come from?

The answer is simple: Purchase it through Pay-per-click search engines. Like Google Adwords, PPC options are a ton like auctions – they permit you to offer for top-positioning keywords of your choice. For every visitor who searches the keyword(s) you bid on and then clicks, navigating to your site, you pay whatever you bid. Depending on the popularity and competition pertaining to the keyword, the prices vary.


  1. Ensure more free traffic.

Moving on to greater traffic sources, it is useful to note that Search engines like Google give you free traffic. Since you’ve bid on keywords for a strong showing in the PPC searches, it’s time to handle the organic search engines and directories. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! can be a great source of free traffic for your website. The trick is getting a competitive positioning for your best keywords.

The initial step in getting a top rank in the web search tools is to submit our website to them. You need to verify that the crawlers discover your website and incorporate it in the search results. Once your webpage has been submitted, it will take two to six weeks for your listing to show up.


  1. Harness the power of focused and free content for priceless publicity.

You need to incorporate unique, difficult to-get data that’ll loan your articles automatic worth – the sort of data that sets you apart as a specialist in your field.

Once you’ve completed an article, compose a short bio section about you and your business and spot it toward the end of your article alongside – and this is the most critical part- – a link to your site.

  1. Obtain free links on other high-traffic websites.

Link requests require legible effort from you, yet they can totally blast your traffic figures overnight. On the off chance that your site is a featured link on a noteworthy site in your industry–one that has a great number of followers–your site promptly benefits by all the exposure their site gets.

Beginning with this system is basic, yet you ought to take a standard approach each time you ask for a connection. Let us elaborate it into a couple of simple steps:

Google search your standard pivotal keywords – the ones that people by and large use to discover your site. Make point by point notes about the sites that show up frequently in the main ten spots for your selected keywords.

When you’re prepared to contact the owners of these sites and request a connection, compose an email- – don’t utilize structured letters. Make sure to incorporate some positive remarks about their site, data about you and your site (alongside your URL), a clarification of why a connection to you would be an advantage them and information for reaching you to begin.

Do not SPAM.

  1. Use e-mail marketing to attract repeat visitors.

Getting loads of traffic to your site is extraordinary, yet in the event that you aren’t gathering the contact data – the names and email addresses- – of guests, you’re wasting all the clicks. In the event that guests leave your site without purchasing your item, there’s a decent risk they won’t ever be back- – and you’ll have truly no chance of catching up with them.

Remember: It can take up to seven points of contact to make a solitary sale, so you’ll need to start gathering guests’ contact data from the very beginning utilizing an opt-in form on your landing page. At that point send them email messages to catch up and reminding them of your site.

These simple ideas always work:

  • Monthly or bi-weekly newsletters with a lot of tips and information
  • Free reports specific to your business sector
  • Answers to regular inquiries people have about your item
  • Offers for items comparable or corresponding to ones you may have already offered them
  • Free item trials that give potential clients a flavor of what you bring to the table
  • A “downgrade” offer for an item that’s less expensive or robust than your featured offer

Catching up is quite simple and straightforward with plenty of email management software out there. “Autoresponders,” regardless of what time of day it is or whether you’re even at work can help you connect with customers as soon as they initiate contact.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen that best businesses are customers who have learnt to unwind and concentrate on actualizing maybe a couple promoting methodologies truly well. It is ideal to not aim for specialization in every one of the methodologies within unrealistic time periods or without essential tools already set up you support your efforts. Concentrate on becoming really proficient at one or two–because this may be all you need to dramatically increase your traffic–and sales.

Deepak Chauhan

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Netcogs, Deepak’s keen understanding of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and emerging trends empowers Netcogs to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. Deepak is instrumental in fostering robust relationships with clients, stakeholders, and industry partners, aligning business objectives with innovative global marketing solutions.

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